The Best StowMaster Musky Fishing Nets

StowMaster Musky Fishing Nets

If you are one of those anglers that likes to spend a lot of time hunting down trophy musky – then you know the importance of making sure you have the right type of equipment on you.

In terms of having a musky fishing net that is big enough to land a trophy musky – but also does not take up all the possible storage in your boat; nobody does it better than StowMaster.

StowMaster Musky Nets are designed to handle big fish but have a unique design that will let them be stored in a minimal amount of space. This is a winning combination for us Musky anglers.

What are the Best StowMaster Musky Fishing Nets? The answer would be the StowMaster Tournament Series Musky Nets (TS94IM & TS116Y).

So, here is our full review of each option and our list of the best StowMaster Musky Fishing Nets!

Benefits of StowMaster Musky Nets

The Best StowMaster Musky Fishing Nets

The biggest reason I would encourage musky anglers to purchase a StowMaster Musky Net (besides the obvious reasons of these being very durable and well-built fishing nets) is the unique design that allows them to be stored very easily in a boat.

This unique design includes a two-stage telescopic handle that lets the net be compacted into a smaller space, but also lets it expand to an amazing reach of either 94-inches or 116-inches depending on which option you pick.

We should also mention this handle has a 1.25-inch diameter which makes it easy to hold and grip in your hand. To improve the grip, StowMaster even made sure the handle had extra ridges to reduce the possibility of slippage.

These hoop and handle of these StowMaster Tournament Series Musky nets are made from aircraft quality aluminum. This helps keep the nets lightweight and easy to maneuver in water but does not sacrifice durability and strength.

But getting back to the original reason why we should be picking this muskie net – this unique design allows it to be stowed at an amazing size. Imagine having a fishing net big enough to handle a Musky but you can stow it in your boat at a size of 16″ x 44″ or 19″ x 50″! The space you could save is amazing when compared to other Musky nets.

And you are not sacrificing hoop size for this storage space. These nets have a hoop size of 36″ x 38″ with a net depth of 48″ or a hoop size of 30″ x 32″ with a net depth of 36″. Both should provide plenty of room for you to land that musky you have been dreaming about!

All of these reasons should convince you that you want one of these musky nets in your fishing gear collection! They are the reason we ranked these StowMaster Musky nets so high on our list of the best Muskie Fishing Nets!

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Your StowMaster Tournament Series Musky Net Options

There are actually four different fishing nets from StowMaster that were specifically designed for Musky. Each option is very similar with all the features described above. The real differences come in what size you want the hoop size and net depth, and what size you want the handle to be.

There are also two options that are called “heavy” net options. These nets are the same except the bags are a little heavier nylon and built to last a little bit longer. All options are great choices.

Here are the specs behind all four of your different choices – and you won’t regret buying any of these options!

Fishing Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthStowed Size
TS94IM - Musky Net94"30" x 32"36"16" x 44"
TS94IMH - Heavy Musky Net94"30" x 32"36"16" x 44"
TS116Y - Musky Net116"36" x 38"48"19" x 50"
TS116YH - Heavy Musky Net116"36" x 38" 48"19" x 50"
The Best StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Fishing Nets

Final Notes & Links of Interest

Like we said at the beginning, Musky fishing takes some special equipment, and we can’t stress how important it is to have the right fishing net. StowMaster made that easy on us and the fact we can have such a big fishing net that takes up such a small amount of space when not in use – that is a big deal!

If you are looking for some other StowMaster fishing net options or are looking for a slightly smaller fishing net option for some other species of fish, we would encourage you to check out these links.

With all of these fishing net options, we think you are going to be able to find the fishing net you need!

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