The Best StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets

StowMaster northern pike fishing nets

Norsemen Outdoors is a great company located in Lake Mills, IA – and they produce an amazing line of fishing nets: StowMaster Premium Landing Nets.

This line has a couple of options that are perfect for northern pike fishing, so we wanted to give you our list of the Best StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets!

Once you check out all the features these nets have, you will realize that you won’t be disappointed with these landing nets, and you are going to want to add one to your northern pike fishing gear collection!

So, here is it – our list of the best StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets reviewed!

Quick List of the Best StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets

Here is your quick list of the best StowMaster Northern Pike Landing Nets with a more detailed reviews of these nets below!

Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthStowed Net Size
StowMaster TS94X Tournament Series94″ 30″ x 32″42″16″ x 44″
StowMaster TS120X Tournament Series120″30″ x 32″42″16″ x 44″
StowMaster TS94IM Tournament Series94″30″ x 32″36″16″ x 44″
The Best StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets

What Makes StowMaster Nets so Great for Northern Pike Fishing?

StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Net

One of the big reasons that StowMaster fishing nets for northerns are so great is because of the unique design. To catch a trophy northern pike, you need a large fishing net, and unfortunately most large fishing nets take up a ton of space on a boat and are really hard to stow.

StowMaster fixed those issues and created a durable fishing net that is large enough to land big fish – and the unique design allows it to be stored without taking up much room!

This unique design feature, the great materials these nets are made from, and the fact theses nets are made in the U.S.A are all great reasons to purchase these high-performing nets if you want a pike fishing net you can count on!

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The StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets Reviewed

StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Net

The basics of all these StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Net options are going to be the same. They are all going to have that unique design that allows them to be stowed at a size of 16″ x 44″.

All these options are also going to be a two-stage telescopic handle with a 1 and 1/4-inch diameter. They are also designed with ridge to make your grip more secure and the netting process more comfortable for anglers.

These northern pike landing nets are also going to have hoops and handles that are made with aircraft quality aluminum. They are going to have heavy duty nylon netting with hoop sizes that are 30″ x 32″. Between the design, the strength, and the size – these are just fantastic northern pike fishing nets!

We listed three options in the chart above. The StowMaster TS94X Tournament Series is basically exactly the same as the StowMaster TS120X Tournament Series; except the handle length of the TS120 can be expanded to a whooping 120-inches! These fishing nets are so great that we had to include them on our list of the best northern pike fishing landing nets!

The third options is actually a musky net – StowMaster TS94IM Tournament Series – but will work really well with northern pike. This just has a smaller bag depth than the other two at 36″ instead of 42″. So, if you want a smaller bag depth – this is the choice for you.

All three of these nets are going to help you land some trophy northern pike! There are some other models of these fishing nets that are really good for other species – and you can see them on lists like this: The Best Walleye Fishing Nets.

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Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

Again, if you are looking for a good northern pike fishing net that is easy to store – these StowMaster Northern Pike Fishing Nets are going to help you out!

There are some other good northern pike fishing nets from other companies that you can read about here:

These articles should help you find the right pike fishing net for your fishing adventures.

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