The Best Muskie Fishing Nets

Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets for Musky
Frabill Power Catch – The Best Musky Fishing Net

I do not have to explain the importance of having the right fishing gear to any muskie angler. Muskie fishing not only takes a lot of patience (I mean they are often referred to as the fish of 10,000 casts, which luckily isn’t as true as it once was), but it takes a unique set of fishing equipment when compared to other species.

One of those important pieces of fishing equipment would be the right landing net. A trophy Muskie isn’t going to fit into that small bass net of yours, so making sure you have the right muskie fishing net is of upmost importance.

Do not worry, we got you covered with our list of the best muskie fishing nets; because if you lose a trophy muskie because you have the wrong net – you are never going to forgive yourself.

What are the best muskie fishing nets? We would recommend the Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets and the Drifter Marine Predator Musky Nets as the best fishing nets for muskie!

For a more detailed review of those best options and a look at all of the great muskie fishing nets that are available, we would encourage you to check out this entire list of the best muskie landing nets!

Quick List of the Best Muskie Fishing Nets

Here is a quick list of the best Muskie Fishing Nets – below this list is a much more detailed review of each fishing net option. We would encourage you to read the full reviews of each musky net before deciding on the best option for your situation!

#1.Frabill Power Catch Muskie NetsFrabill Power Catch Fishing Nets for Musky
#2. Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Muskie Fishing NetFrabill Knotless Conservation Fishing Net
#3StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Fishing NetsStowMaster Musky Fishing net
#4Beckman BN3244C Musky Fishing NetBeckman Fishing Net for Musky
#5Drifter Predator XL Musky Fishing Netdrifter marine predator xl musky net
The Best Muskie Fishing Nets

  1. Best Overall Muskie Nets: Frabill Power Catch Muskie Nets
  2. Most Affordable Muskie Nets: Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Muskie Nets
  3. Easiest to Store: StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Fishing Nets
  4. Great Value: Beckman BN3244C Large Sized Musky Fishing Net
  5. Strongest Muskie Net: Drifter Predator XL Musky Net

Best Overall Muskie Nets: Frabill Power Catch

Frabill Power Catch Musky Fishing

According to the Frabill website, these Frabill Power Catch Fishing nets are “the strongest landing nets in the United States ” and “the only landing nets backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the patented Pow’R Lok™ yoke system and exclusive Brute Hoop™.”

That might sound like a lot of company jargon, but it basically breaks down to these nets being some of the best designed and strongest fishing nets you can buy. And it is backed by great customer service.

Why should you buy the Frabill Power Catch Musky Fishing Nets? Let’s start with the handle. It is made from the best materials, the yoke slides the handle thru for easy storage when not in use, and the handle has been designed to produce an easy grip and helps you maintain control when netting fish.

The unique hexagonal design of the hoop makes the net glide right thru the water, and the 1.75″ mesh size allows for easy water flow and reduces weight when scooping up those trophy muskies. The tangle-free knotless mesh is also easy on the fish.

There are two different size options you can pick from, and you can see both of those options here.

Model #Hoop SizeHandle LengthMesh SizeNet Depth
842532" x 41"Sliding 48"1 3/4"42"
845040" x 44"Sliding 48"1 3/4"48"
The Best Frabill Power Catch Fishing Nets for Muskie

Between the incredible design, the great price, the limited warranty, the fact that Frabill is an incredible company, the size of these nets – all of those factors make these nets are number 1 choice for musky fishing!

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Most Affordable Musky Net: Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net

Frabill Knotless Conservation Musky Fishing Net

Frabill makes some of the best fishing nets in the business, and they deliver on some high-quality fishing nets for musky anglers. One of the best choices you have from Frabill for Musky is the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net.

What makes the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net so great is it was designed for musky – and it was designed to be a lightweight one-man musky net that is easy to handle! And when you are trying to land big fish, that is a big deal.

The handle is reinforced to handle the weight of musky, is easy to grip and easy to control. It is a sliding handle that can expand to 48″ in length. Between durability and control you are going to love this net.

The hoop size is perfect for muskie. You have a 32″ x 41″ hoop that is also 54″ deep. The mesh hole size is 1.5-inches, making it easy to lift and maneuver in the water. The tangle-free knotless mess is also easy on the fish, which is perfect for catch and release fishing.

The net also has a linear bottom design to help prevent fish rolling. Between the price, the design, and the quality you are going to get from Frabill – these Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Musky Nets are a great buy!

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Easiest to Store: StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Nets

StowMaster Muskie Fishing Net - best muskie fishing nets

StowMaster makes a great line of muskie fishing nets with their StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Net line. There are four different fishing nets that are included in the Muskie Tournament Series line – with some slight differences in each one.

The basic differences between the four options are you have two in a 94-inch handle length and two with a 116-inch handle length. Then you have one 94-inch handle length and one 116-inch handle length that StowMaster considers “heavy.”

This “heavy” terminology is referring to the extra heavy netting these options have. These heavy nets have a heavy-duty knotless nylon netting that is heavier, more durable, and has 1 and 1/2-inch mesh size for ease of use in the water. Both the “heavy” nets and the non-heavy nets are very effective in landing muskie.

What these nets have in common is the unique two-stage telescopic handles that allow them to be stowed very easily – but also give you the desired reach to scoop up a big muskie.

The handles are a 1 and 1/4-inch diameter tube that have ridges to help with durability and grip. The handle and hoop are made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy for that extra durability but also to keep them light in weight.

The netting is coated and knotless to help protect muskie from being injured during the netting process.

Like we said, a big reason to buy these fishing nets is the ability to stow them. The unique design makes them able to be folded up which greatly reduces the amount of room needed to have one of these fishing nets in your boat. This is a big plus because trophy muskie require a large net!

Here are your four different options with the specs on each one:

Fishing Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthStowed Size
TS94IM - Musky Net94"30" x 32"36"16" x 44"
TS94IMH - Heavy Musky Net94"30" x 32"36"16" x 44"
TS116Y - Musky Net116"36" x 38"48"19" x 50"
TS116YH - Heavy Musky Net116"36" x 38" 48"19" x 50"
The Best StowMaster Tournament Series Muskie Fishing Nets

We should also mention that these fishing nets are made in the United States with the main base being located in Lake Mills, IA. Between the durability, stow size, and the fact they are made in the United States – you can see why these nets are so high on our list of the best musky fishing nets!

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Very Durable Musky Net: Beckman BN3244C Large Sized Musky Fishing Net

Beckman Fishing Nets for Musky

Beckman Fishing Nets are dedicated to making some great fishing nets, and the Beckman BN3244S Fishing Net is the perfect size and quality for musky fishing.

We recommend this particular model for Musky because of the size and net material. Hoop size is going to be 32″ x 44″ with a net depth of 40-inches. The net mesh on this net option is a coated nylon, which is easy on the fish and helps prevent tangling of your fishing lures.

The net handle and yoke are made from 1100 Aluminum and Beckman guarantees their yoke system isn’t going to fail! The use what they call a Y-Bar to help ensure strength and dependability of the net. The grip is also good, helping to prevent slippage.

There are different sizes handles you can purchase with the net size, but we like the 6-foot handle that easily connect to the hoop in a matter of seconds to get your net ready to scoop fish – and can be disassembled just as quickly to make storage a little easier for you.

These are some really good fishing nets that will help you catch some big Musky!

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Strongest Muskie Fishing Net: Drifter Predator XL Musky Net

Drifter Marine Predator XL Musky Net

If you want a Muskie fishing net that was built to last and built to handle large fish – the Drifter Predator XL Musky Net is the net for you. It is rated to handle 60-pounds with no problem, and if your Muskie is bigger than that- congrats! you are breaking records.

These fishing gets are made with a unique t-handle grip that makes these nets easy to control and easy to grip. Control and grip are so important to landing big musky.

The hoop is 37″ x 35″ with a bag depth of 36-inches. The mesh is rubber coated to protect the fish and to also help reduce your lure/net tangling.

Really the best thing I can say is these fishing nets are strong. They are going to handle big fish and they are going to last you a long time. That makes them a great choice for a musky angler looking for quality equipment.

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Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

These fishing nets clearly rise about the rest to land on our list of the best muskie fishing nets. They are strong, durable, easy to grip – and most importantly big enough to actually handle big Musky. Any one of these options will be a good addition to your musky fishing gear collection.

These nets are huge and are not for every angler. If you find yourself fishing for walleye are smaller species most of the time, check out some of these other reviews we did on different species:

We hope you enjoyed this article and we can’t wait for you to catch that next big fish!

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