Are PLUSINNO Fishing Nets any good?

One of the questions we are asked more than any other is are PLUSINNO Fishing Nets any good? And the complicated answer is yes depending on what you are looking for. However, these nets might not be exactly what you think they are.

Why are we asked if PLUSINNO Fishing Nets any good?

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These are your PLUSINNO Fishing Nets

Let us start with the basics. Why do so many people ask us if PLUSINNO Fishing nets are good? Well, if you take a look at them on a shopping site like Amazon, you will see that they have almost 1500 reviews, and an average star rating of well over 4-stars.

Now combine those amazing ratings with the fact that they are somewhere in that $16.00 to $30.00 range depending on the option you pick. This seems like an amazing deal, and a deal that is almost too good to be true!

Now some of these ratings are true 4-and-5 star reviews from people that have had a great experience with these nets. Some of them are paid reviews where these products are shipped out to someone, they deposit money in a PayPal Account, you use that money to buy the net – and boom – you are now a verified buyer that can review the net on a shopping site, and you got a free fishing net out of the deal.

And we all buy stuff on shopping sites – when a product has a thousand positive reviews, we trust it and buy it.

Are PLUSINNO Fishing Nets from a real Company?

If PLUSINNO Fishing Nets are so highly reviewed, and so inexpensive – do they come from a real company? Yes, but PLUSINNO is a Chinese company that drop-ships products all over the world. They are not a fishing gear company that only specializes in creating fishing gear. In fact, according to their website they are a company that specializes in bluetooth speakers, iPhone cases, fishing gear, and other gadgets (you can see that screenshot below).

PLUSINNO Delivery from China picture

Does this mean that PLUSINNO is a bad company delivering bad products? No, but if you are expecting a fishing net from an American Fishing Gear Manufacturer, that is not what you are getting!

PLUSINNO Drop-Shipping Warning

When you are looking at products on big shopping sites, you might see what looks to be the same product being sold by different companies with different names. That is what you are basically seeing with PLUSINNO fishing nets and this normally means that all of these products are being drop-shipped from China or some other foreign country. Here are some picture examples:

Amazon fishing net examples

If you look at the products that all look almost identical, they all have an amazing number of good ratings, and they all seem to come from companies with foreign sounding names. This plays into what we talked about above with some fake reviews probably being included there, these companies drop-ship their products from a foreign country, and it leads you to believe you are getting the best fishing net ever for $15.00. That just isn’t true.

Other Words of Caution

We also like to warn people that if you are doing a search on Google for something like “Best Fishing Nets” and the site you click on has PLUSINNO Fishing nets as the #1 best fishing net – that probably isn’t a very reliable list.

My guess is that list is just based off the reviews they are seeing on shopping sites, and they aren’t looking at factors like if these companies are drop-shipping products from China, do they have fake reviews on those shopping sites – and can a fishing net that only costs $15 actually be the best fishing net out there? I don’t think so.

So, Are PLUSINNO Fishing Nets Good?

PLUSINNO Fishing Nets aren’t bad as long as you know what you are getting. If you think you are getting the best fishing net out there, you aren’t. If you think you are getting a cheap fishing net that will last a couple of years, that is being drop-shipped from China – then yes, these are good fishing nets for the price.

Would you recommend PLUSINNO Fishing Nets?

I would recommend PLUSINNO Fishing nets for anglers looking for a cheap net to last a couple of years, or for anglers that only get out on the water a couple of times a year. And of course, I want you to know where these fishing nets are coming from.

Personally, there are some great American Companies like Frabill or StowMaster that make amazing nets that I would recommend a lot more. But they are more expensive.

Hopefully this article helped clear up any questions you had about PLUSINNO Fishing nets!

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