The Cheapest Fishing Nets for 2021

PLUSINNO Fishing Net Picture

We understand that 2020 wasn’t the best year for everyone financially speaking. We also understand the importance of fishing to have some fun, to get outside, and to decompress from stress.

So, we can understand why you would want a fishing net that you could trust, that isn’t going to break the bank. Luckily for you, we got you covered with our list of the Cheapest Fishing Nets for 2021!

We also want to let you know we only put fishing nets on this list that were very affordable, but also dependable. Nothing stresses an angler out more than losing a fish due to a bad fishing net. We can’t let that happen to you.

Here is our list of the cheapest fishing nets for 2021. While these might not be the most durable or best fishing nets on the market, they will be dependable for you and help you get the job done for the year to come.

Quick List of the Cheapest Fishing Nets for 2021

Here is a quick list of the cheapest fishing nets for 2021, with a much more detailed review of each individual option listed beneath that. I would encourage you to read the full reviews to make sure you pick the right affordable fishing net.

RankFishing Net NameFishing Net Picture
#1PLUSINNO Foldable Fishing NetsPLUSINNO Fishing Net Picture
#2Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing NetsFrabill Economy Fishing Net
#3Frabill Sportsman Scooped Fishing NetFrabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle Free Fishing Net
#4Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Fishing Net
The Cheapest Fishing Nets of 2021

PLUSINNO Folding Fishing Net

PLUSINNO Foldable Fishing Nets - cheapest fishing nets of 2021

These PLUSINNO Folding Nets are the cheapest fishing nets you are going to find online, and they are really cheap on shopping sites like Amazon. However, this is a China based company that will dropship their fishing nets from China. Personally, I would rather spend my money on an American based net company – or at least one that is headquartered in the U.S.

We should also note, you will see other fishing nets that look identical to this one for different prices on shopping sites. That is because most of those nets also come from different drop-shipping companies. It is why if you are doing research online, and you see an article that says these are the best fishing nets – you should take that list with a grain of salt and they are probably basing their list only on inflated star reviews on Amazon. Here is a full article we wrote on this matter: Are PLUSINNO Fishing Nets any Good?

With all that being said, if you want a cheaply priced fishing net that is going to get the job done for a few years, this is a good option to pick.

These nets will have a fixed or telescopic handle depending on the version you pick, they will have a carbon fiber/fiber glass fixed handle to provide solid strength and keep the net lightweight, they will have a nylon mesh and a hexagonal hoop shape, and they will have a really nice foldable design that allows them to be stored and transported easily.

Those features make these fishing nets an attractable option, especially for a price ranging from $16.00 to $30.00 depending on which size option you pick. Here is a link to the Best PLUSINNO Foldable Fishing Net Options:

These aren’t bad fishing nets and they certainly fit the bill of being inexpensive – which is why they are number one on our list of the cheapest fishing nets for 2021!

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Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Nets

The Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Net

With a very similar price as the PLUSINNO Fishing Nets listed above, and from a trusted company that has been producing fishing nets since 1938 – these Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Nets are second on our list of the cheapest fishing nets of 2021.

Now, these fishing nets are not foldable like the PLUSINNO Nets listed above, but you do have fixed or sliding handle options – and different hoop sizes to pick from as well.

These nets have a durable handle and hoop, they have a tangle-free heavy poly material mesh that should help prevent lures from getting extremely tangled up in your netting, and they have a variety of different sizes for you to pick depending on your preferred species of fish.

Cost wise, you are looking at an $18.00 to $30.00ish dollar price tag depending on the size and type of handle you pick. Still, this is amazingly affordable for a fishing net from such a dependable company in Frabill.

Here are the different size options you can pick from for these inexpensive 2021 fishing nets:

Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle LengthHandle TypeMesh SizeLink to Buy
14" x 25"24"18"Fixed1-InchBuy Here
17" x 19"30"30"Sliding1-inchBuy Here
17" x 29"30"24"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"30"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"36"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"30"Sliding1-inchBuy Here
Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Nets

These are a really good choice if you are an angler that wants a cheap fishing net that you know you can depend on for a few years!

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Frabill Sportsman Scooped Fishing Net

Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle Free Fishing Net

These Frabill Sportsman Scooped Fishing Nets are a little more expensive than the other fishing nets listed. The cheapest option here with a fixed handle is about $30.00 – and the sliding handle option is about $60.00.

It is the scooped angle of these fishing nets that make them a great buy – well that and the price. The scooped net design lets you get beneath the fish you are landing with ease and helps you maintain control – making the entire fish landing experience easier for you.

These nets have a durable handle that is easy to grip, a strong hoop that is 21″ x 25″ in size, a net depth of 36-inches, and a reach of 36-inches as well. The mesh size is also 1.25-inches allowing it to cut through the water with ease.

The size of these nets makes them perfect for most freshwater species – especially fish like walleye or bass.

Here are the specs on these two fishing net options:

Model #Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle LengthHandle Type
341121" x 25"36"36"Fixed
341521" x 25"36"36"Sliding
The Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle-Free Fishing Nets Options

If you are willing to spend a little more money on a fishing net, you should really like these choices.

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Wakeman Fishing Rubber Landing Net

wakeman rubber fishing nets

Wakeman is another of those companies that specializes in shipping products to big online retailers and retail stores – and they are based out of Ohio. There Wakeman Fishing Products are very popular online, and they make a very affordable rubber landing net that needed to be added to this list as our cheapest rubber fishing net of 2021 that we trust.

This Wakeman Fishing Retractable Rubber Landing Net is going to cost you about $40 – which is a great price for a rubber fishing net.

The net has a rubber mesh that is gentle on fish, great for catch and release fishing, and eliminates lure snags in your netting mesh.

The handle is a durable aluminum, the hoop size is 20″ x 19″ with a net depth of 17-inches. This hoop size makes it a great for walleye, bass, and crappie fishing net, but it is a little small for big species like Northern Pike or Muskie.

Overall, for $40 you are going to get a very durable and very angler-friendly rubber fishing net, and that is a tough deal to beat!

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Final Thoughts and Links of Interest

Hopefully, this list of affordable fishing nets will help you find a good fishing net for your fishing adventures – without breaking your bank!

If you are looking for some different brands that are well respected and are going to provide some amazing fishing nets, check out some of these reviews.

Between all of these great reviews, we hope you find the best fishing net possible for your fishing adventures!

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