About Us

FishingNetWorld.com is the brainchild of me: Jon Dayton. Sometimes you may see my brother Shane drop on by and give his two cents.

Our mission was simple, I’ve lost to many trophy fish due to either having the wrong fishing net or a bad netting job taking place. I want you to have the right fishing net for the right fishing situation.

I can’t always promise you will have a competent assistant helping you net that trophy fish – but at least you know you will have a landing net that can get the job done! And if we can save someone from the pain of losing that dream fish – we have accomplished our mission!

If you like my Work….

I love fishing, but I also have some other interests as well! If you like what you read on this website, you can see my work on some other websites as well.

Toy Reviews by Dad

Toy Reviews by Dad Picture

ToyReviewsbyDad.com was a fun website I developed to share the experiences I was having with my two sons and their collection of toys. It really covers a wide range of toys from early toddler toys, to fancy Mario RC Racers, to which toys we consider to be the most dangerous for toddlers!

We also developed what we called the parent’s annoyance scale. This fun feature tells you how annoyed I am with this toy – and what that toy has done to make me go insane.

It really is a humorous look at what is going on – but you get some great and honest reviews about toys along the way as well!

Fishing Gear Guys

fishinggearguys.com banner

If you couldn’t tell by this website, I’m a huge fan of fishing. I know a lot about fishing nets, but I also know a lot more about other types of fishing gear as well. That is why I created fishinggearguys.com – because I also wanted a place to talk about fishing rods, fishing reels, and really just talk about everything related to fishing.

This website has some great information about different fishing rods and reels – and even some fun frequently asked questions. Our goal is to make that your go to website for fishing information.

Outdoor Know How

outdoorknowhow.com logo

OutdoorKnowHow.com is a website that is mostly run by my brother Shane, but it is a place where I’ll write a guest post from time to time. The best thing I can say about this website is it answers all of those unusual outdoor questions that you may have that do not have answer retally available.

Need to know how to start a bonfire without gas? Can you dye a tent? If you have ever needed to know the answer to questions like these – this website can provide you with all the answers!

We have some very fun things planned for this website – so keep your eyes peeled!

Outdoor Dangers

outdoordangers.com banner

Another site that I will make an appearance on from time to time is OutdoorDangers.com. This website has the motto “Aware, Not Afraid” and does a great job of answering questions and talking about some of the dangers that could be present on some different outdoor adventures.

This website covers a wide range of topics – everything from how deadly are black widow spiders, to does expired bear spray work, and even things like is it safe to start a fire with gasoline.

This great outdoor website brings a lot of clarity to some tough outdoor questions!

Outdoor Solar Gear

outdoor solar gear banner

The last website (as of right now) that you might find my work on it OutdoorSolarGear.com. This website does a great job of combining my passion for camping and outdoor adventures with helping the environment by using trusted solar gear!

We will take a look at things like solar cookers, solar camp showers, solar flashlights, and so much more. You might even become aware of some cool outdoor solar gear that you didn’t even know existed!

So enjoy these sites, and thanks again for reading our work!