The Best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Nets

StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net - Best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net

I will be the first to admit that I was not into crappie fishing nearly as much as my friends were growing up. They loved it, and they loved spending time filleting all those fish for a fish fry. I was always was trying to convince them to chase bass, walleye, northern pike – but my affection for crappie fishing certainly grew over time.

Crappie fishing has a very loyal following that often uses fishing rods that are very long and sensitive, fishing line that isn’t the strongest – and you often need a fishing net that has that extra reach that will allow you to land your crappie successfully.

Luckily for us, StowMaster did a great job creating an amazing crappie fishing net option that will help you land fish. Because losing crappie because of the wrong net just sucks.

So, here is a review about the StowMaster Crappie fishing net you are going to want to have!

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The Best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net

What is the Best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net? The best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net is the StowMaster Crappie Tournament Series landing net – CS74AG.

This net was specifically designed to help you catch crappie – and would be a great addition to your crappie gear collection.

The StowMaster Crappie Fishing Net Details

The Best StowMaster Crappie Landing Nets

Why do you want this StowMaster Crappie Tournament Series Fishing Net to be your crappie fishing net of choice? There are a lot of reasons, which we are going to list here.

1.) The unique design. These fishing nets are designed to be stowed at a size of 8″ x 35″. This makes these simple to store and carry. When in use, the handle extends out to 74″ long – which is plenty of length to handle crappie!

2.) The handle. The handle is made from high-quality aluminum that is going to provide durability and an easy to handle grip. The design is also really awesome with a crappie scale pattern that has been incorporated into it. You get a functioning net that looks great and is easy to store!

3.) The Hoop. It is the perfect size for crappie fishing – 14″ x 18″ with a net depth of 16-inches. It also has a knotless mesh design that is easy on the fish. It is also made from aluminum for that durability you are looking for.

4.) Made in the U.S.A. I don’t know about you, but when giving the choice I’m always going to pick that company that makes their products in the U.S. Located in Iowa, this is a great company to support. And they care about the products they produce.

Between the durability, unique design, hoop size, look, and everything else – we had to make sure this was the top choice listed on our best crappie fishing net review.

Here is a quick chart showing all of the specs for this fishing net.

Fishing Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthStowed Size
StowMaster Crappie Tournament Series (CS74AG)74"14" x 18"16"8" x 35"
The Best StowMaster Crappie Fishing Nets
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Final Notes & Links of Interest

After reading all of the details behind these StowMaster fishing nets, it is pretty easy to see why you would want them to be available for you to catch crappie. You won’t be disappointed pulling in crappie with this net.

If you want to learn more about StowMaster or you want to see some of their other fishing nets, check out these great links.

Like I said before, if you want to try and catch some fish that are a little bigger than crappie – those above links are going to help you find the right fishing nets!

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