The Cheapest Frabill Fishing Nets

Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle-Free Net

We get it, not all of us are ready to spend $150+ dollars on a fishing net. Sometimes kids and life get in the way of us being out on the water as much as we would like. And sometimes we just need a cheap fishing net that can get the job done from time to time.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Frabill makes some of the best fishing nets in the business and depending on the model you pick – sometimes the most expensive. However, the have a few very affordable fishing nets for beginners and anglers that don’t want to spend much on a dependable net.

What are the cheapest Frabill Fishing Nets? The Frabill Sportsman Fishing Net line is the cheapest and normally costs around $30.00.

Below are our reviews of the cheapest Frabill Fishing Nets – with all the information you will need to see to decide if these fishing nets will fit your fishing needs.

Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle-Free Fishing Nets

Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle Free Fishing Net

The Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle-Free Fishing Net is a very affordable fishing net option. There are two net options in this line, one with a sliding handle and one with a fixed handle. The cheapest Frabill sportsman Scooped Net is the fixed handle option – normally costing around $30. If you want the sliding handle, it is about twice the price.

It is called a scooped fishing net because of the shape of the hoop, which allows you to easily catch fish. Hoop size you are going to be looking at 21″ x 25″ – with a net depth of 36-inches. This should land most of your common species like bass & walleye – but is a little small for big fish like Muskie, Catfish, or Pike.

The mesh size is 1.25-inches which I like. This makes it easier to maneuver in water. The net is made from a coated, tangle-free heavy poly material which will hopefully reduce lure tangles in the fishing net.

Overall, these is a really solid fishing net that anglers looking for a bargain should really enjoy. And again, the fixed handle option is only about $30.00!

Here are the specs of the two different fishing nets in the affordable Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle Free Fishing Net line:

Model #Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle LengthHandle Type
341121" x 25"36"36"Fixed
341521" x 25"36"36"Sliding
The Frabill Sportsman Scooped Tangle-Free Fishing Nets Options
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Frabill Economy Sportsman Fishing Nets

The Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Net

If you are looking for a fishing net that isn’t in that scoop frame format, there are some great option in the Frabill Economy Sportsman Fishing Net line, and they still cost in that $30.00 or cheaper range – especially if you can find them on sale!

These fishing nets might be in the Economy line, but they are still quality fishing nets. They have that coated, tangle-free heavy poly material and they are the perfect type of fishing net for anglers that get on the water a couple of times a month vs. someone that is out there every day or every weekend.

There are numerous options in this fishing net line (this is great, it really helps us find the best fishing net for the species you like to fish), so the best thing we can do is show you a chart with all of the different specs on each fishing net.

Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle LengthHandle TypeMesh SizeLink to Buy
14" x 25"24"18"Fixed1-InchBuy Here
17" x 19"30"30"Sliding1-inchBuy Here
17" x 29"30"24"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"30"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"36"Fixed1-inchBuy Here
20" x 23"36"30"Sliding1-inchBuy Here
Frabill Sportsman Economy Fishing Nets
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Final Thoughts and Other Links of Interest

You can really see how many cheap fishing nets that Frabill offers, and it is great to see how much variety in size they have. That really makes it easy for anglers to find a fishing net that is going to work for them.

If you are looking for a Frabill fishing net that is a little higher quality or one that is designed for a specific type of species, I would encourage you to check out these fishing net reviews we did:

Between those great fishing net reviews for Frabill Fishing Nets, you should be able to find one that helps you land those fish you are dreaming about!

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