The Best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets

Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Net Reviewed

Northern Pike fishing is one of my favorite things to do. Not only do northerns taste great when you fillet them properly – that are fun to catch.

Northern Pike are aggressive, they can be huge, and they will fight – and that is exactly why we want to catch them. But you must have the right fishing net to land a huge northern. A small bass net isn’t going to get the job done.

Luckily for us, Frabill make some great fishing nets for northern pike fishing.

So, what is the best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing net? The best overall Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Net is the Frabill Power Catch fishing net.

There are also some other great Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets which we will review below; and list out all the best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets for different situations.

Quick Chart of the Best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets

Here is a quick list of the best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets. Below this list is a much more detailed review of each individual Frabill Northern Pike Landing Net on the list.

RankFrabill Net Name (With Affiliate Link)Hoop SizeNet DepthHandle Length
#1Frabill Power Catch Fishing Net32" x 41"42"48"
#2Frabill Power Stow Fishing Net40" x 44"58"48" - 66"
#3Frabill Pro-Formance Fishing Net29" x 34"44"48"
The Best Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Nets

Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets from Frabill for Different Situations

Here is how we ranked some of the different Frabill Northern Pike Nets for different fishing situations.

Hopefully, these breakdowns help you pick the best net for you!

Best Overall Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Net – Frabill Power Catch

Frabill Power Catch Northern Pike Fishing Net - Best Overall Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Net

The Frabill Power Catch Fishing Net series was created to catch big fish – which is why it ranks as the best overall Frabill Northern Pike Landing Net.

There are actually two sizes of this net you can pick, and both make excellent Northern Pike nets – but we prefer the slightly smaller one. Here are some highlights of that net:

  • 32″ x 41″ hoop size with a 42″ net depth
  • 48″ sliding handle
  • 1 3/4″ Mesh size – perfect mesh size for pulling large fish out of the water!
  • Tangle-Free Knotless Netting Material – safe for catch and release fishing.

Besides those highlights, we should also highlight how durable these fishing nets are. They are designed with what Frabill calls “Pow’R Lok™ yoke system and exclusive Brute Hoop.” Basically, this means this net is made from extra durable materials that will give you the control and power needed to scoop trophy pike!

This net is so strong and durable it is even backed by a limited lifetime warranty. In fact, it is so good we had to name it our best overall northern pike fishing net.

You won’t be disappointed if you pick this fishing net for your northern pike fishing adventures.

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Easiest Frabill Northern Pike Landing Net to Store: Frabill Power Stow

One of the downsides to big fishing nets is they can be difficult to store in a boat, a garage, or wherever you keep your fishing gear. So, if space is at a premium – the easiest Frabill Northern Pike Fishing Net to Store is the Frabill Power Stow fishing net – and this is a great overall fishing net as well.

Check out some of these great net specs (there are some different size options if you don’t want to go with the biggest option):

  • 40″ x 44″ hoop size with a 58″ net depth
  • 1 1/2 Inch Net Mesh
  • Tangle-Free Knotless Mesh Material
  • Telescoping handle with a length between 48″ – 66″
  • Strong Aluminum handle and glass-filled nylon yoke – this provides the durability you need to land big fish.

The handle is a telescopic handle, and the net is a folding style net – so when you want to Stow this fishing net – it has a size of 20″ x 55″ – which is very manageable for a fishing net of this size!

All these features are going to make this net a great addition to your northern pike fishing gear collection.

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Most Affordable Frabill Landing Net for Northern Pike: Frabill Pro-Formance

If you are looking for a very basic and very affordable fishing net for northern pike – the Frabill Pro-Formance fishing net is a great option. It isn’t fancy, but it will land some big fish for you!

Here are the quick specs of the Pro-Formance Net that we recommend for Northern Pike:

  • 29″ x 34″ Hoop Size with a 44″ Net Depth
  • 2″ Net Mesh
  • 48″ Sliding Handle
  • It has a teardrop hoop style

The netting material is a Heavy-Poly Material. This is a durable netting material, but it doesn’t prevent tangling of lures and it is harder on fish than the other options listed above.

This is a very economic buy, but still very durable fishing net – and the price is usually in that $50 to $60 range making it a great price for a northern pike fishing net.

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Final Notes & Links of Interest

Frabill makes some amazing fishing nets, and they make some great options for Northern Pike Anglers. All these fishing nets should help you land those nice trophy pike!

Also, if you are doing a dual fishing trip to Canada or some other great location that has both big northern and big walleye – you might want to check out some of these great walleye fishing nets from Frabill.

As always, enjoy your fishing adventures.

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I've been fishing since I was a kid - and have landed some really big fish. I've also lost a trophy fish or two because I didn't have the right fishing net. My goal is to make sure that doesn't happen to you! GET THE RIGHT FISHING NET.

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