The Best EGO Fishing Nets for Walleye

For those that didn’t know, EGO makes some of the best walleye fishing nets in the business. We thought we should introduce you to some of the best EGO Fishing Nets for walleye!

What are the best EGO Fishing Nets for Walleye? That would be the EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Net line and the EGO S2 Slider Fishing Net line!

If you purchase a net from either of these fishing net lines you are going to be a happy walleye angler!

Quick List of the Best EGO Fishing Nets for Walleye

Here is your quick list of the Best EGO Fishing Nets for Walleye – with a really detailed review of each option below the chart.

RankFishing Net Name (With Link)Fishing Net Picture (With Link)
#1EGO Genesis S1 Fishing NetsEGO S1 Genesis Fishing Net
#2EGO S2 Slider Fishing NetsEGO S2 Slider Fishing net
#3EGO Kryptek Fishing NetsEGO Kryptek Fishing Nets
The Best EGO Landing Nets for Walleye

EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Net for Walleye

EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Net - best EGO Walleye Nets

This classic EGO S1 Genesis Fishing Net line is fantastic for walleye. This line of fishing nets is very popular with walleye anglers, and for good reason! I mean, check out some of these features:

  • These nets have a detachable aluminum handle which is both lightweight and very durable.
  • It is a net that floats – so if you drop it overboard you won’t have to worry about it sinking!
  • The removable handle makes it easy to store, and there are other accessories you can buy to attach to the handle.
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • 19 different hoop sizes/net material options to pick from (not all will be good for walleye fishing – so we will point you to the best ones!)

The Medium Sized EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Nets are really good for walleye. They come with a 25″ removable handle, a 17″ x 19″ hoop size, and the bag depth will vary by netting material. For example, the rubber nets are about 16″ deep while the rubber coated nylon options are around 28″ in depth.

From a netting material standpoint I prefer the rubber coated nylon mesh, rubber mesh, or PVC coated Mesh because they are gentle on the fish. You can buy any of these options by following this affiliate link: Medium Sized EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Nets.

If you want a fishing net that is a little larger – go with the Large Sized Ego Genesis S1 Fishing Nets. It has all of the same features we listed above, but the handle is a 31″ removable handle, and the hoop size is 19″ x 21″. If you want to look at all of the different material options for these nets, click on the following affiliate link: Large Sized EGO Genesis S1 Fishing Nets.

Even the most expensive EGO Walleye Fishing Net in this family is going to run you under $100 – which is amazing for the features you are going to get with this fishing net!

This is just a great buy for any walleye angler! It is such a great buy we had to rank it as the best value buy walleye net on our list of the best walleye fishing nets!

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EGO S2 Slider Walleye Landing Nets

EGO S2 Sliders Fishing Net - best EGO Fishing Nets for Walleye

These EGO S2 Slider Walleye Nets are also very well designed and capable of landing some big walleye! What makes these fishing nets so good? Check out some of these features:

  • Like the name implies; these are sliding handles – push a button and pull the handle and you can adjust the length of your net quickly and easily!
  • This net line also has the removable handle that has over 30 different accessories that can be attached to it.
  • 2-year limited warranty on this line of nets!
  • 19 different hoop size/hoop material options to pick from – again not all of them are perfect for walleye but we will guide you to the right direction!

For walleye, I would recommend the standard handle – because it extends from 29″ to 60″ – giving you plenty of reach. The hoop size is 17″ x 19″, and the depth will just depend on which material you use for the net itself since rubber stretches really well!

These sliding handles will handle 20 pounds of fish when full extended and 30 pounds of fish when in retracted mode…and if you catch a walleye that is 20+ pounds – you are a living legend!!!

These fishing nets are more expensive than the S1 Fishing line – but the sliding handle adds a lot of value and you should be very happy with these fishing nets.

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EGO Kryptek Walleye Fishing Nets

EGO S1 Kryptek Fishing Net

If you research EGO fishing Nets you will also see what is called EGO Kryptek fishing nets. These Kryptek S1 Fishing Rods & Kryptek S2 Slider fishing net lines has exactly the same designs as the nets listed above.

The Kryptek name implies to the really neat camo design/color scheme that is incorporated into these nets. It is a really cool looking blue/watercolor scheme that does look fantastic!

And if you are like my grandpa who always wanted camouflage fishing nets so fish couldn’t see the net coming in the water – you will really like these designs. If you are like my dad who always wanted to argue with my grandpa that it didn’t matter what color the net was…. maybe these won’t be your thing.

No matter what – they look great and you can check out some more information about them through these affiliate links:

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Final Notes & Other Links of Interest

The EGO Walleye Fishing Nets have a very loyal following and will make most walleye anglers very happy. And I can think of an angler or two that would have really benefited from having a floating fishing net as well!

For more EGO Fishing Net information we would encourage you to check out this link: The Best EGO Fishing Nets.

If you do want to check out a different brand of walleye fishing nets, I would encourage you to check out these Frabill Walleye Fishing Nets.

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