The Best EGO Crappie Fishing Nets

EGO Reach Fishing net - the best crappie fishing net from EGO

Depending on your style of fishing it takes the right type of fishing net to effectively land crappie. And most crappie anglers would agree that they need a fishing net that has a long reach to it!

Luckily for crappie anglers, EGO specifically designed a couple of fishing nets specifically for crappie fishing. They combine the materials, reach, and hoop size you need to make your crappie fishing trips successful!

You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are buying a dependable fishing net from a trusted company like EGO – ensuring you are going to have a crappie net that lasts for a very long time.

So, here is our list of the best EGO Crappie Fishing Nets!

What is the best EGO Fishing Net for Crappie?

EGO Reach Best EGO Crappie Fishing Net

For those that do not want to spend too much time reading a detailed review, here is your quick answer to the above question.

What is the best EGO Fishing Net for Crappie? The best EGO crappie fishing net is the EGO Reach Rubber Net and the EGO Reach PVC Coated Net.

Below we will explain what makes these two fishing nets the best for crappie! We will give you an entire list of reasons why you will want these fishing nets added to your fishing gear collection – and we think you will be amazed at just how great these fishing nets are!

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EGO Reach Crappie Fishing Net Options

With these EGO Reach Crappie Fishing nets, you are going to have two different options to pick from. One is going to have a PVC Coated Mesh material and the other is going to be a rubber mesh material.

Both of these nets will be able to extend to 8.5 feet, have a hoop size of 14″ x 18″, and has a net depth of 15-inches. Here are the specs for both nets – with the real detailed review and reasons why you should be buying these nets below.

EGO Fishing Net NameHoop SizeNet MaterialNet Depth
EGO Reach PVC Coated Fishing Net14" x 18"PVC Coated15"
EGO Reach Rubber Net14" x 18"Rubber15"
EGO Reach Fishing Nets for Crappie

Reasons to Buy this EGO Crappie Fishing Net

EGO Reach Fishing Nets

Let us start with the basics on why we should buy one of these EGO Reach Nets for Crappie Fishing.

  1. The Handle. This fishing net has a unique aluminum telescopic handle. The handle comes in 3 sections and has a quick-lock system that makes the handle very stable and easy to use. This design also allows the net to be extended to a length of 8.5 feet!
  2. Reach. Since this net can be extended up to 8.5 feet, you will have that reach needed to land crappie; especially if you are using some of those really long crappie fishing rods!
  3. Weight. The PVC coated fishing net is 1.8-pounds, and the rubber mesh option is 2-pounds. This makes these nets easy to use and easy to control.
  4. Design. These nets were specifically designed with Crappie anglers in mind. The reach, the weight, the handle, and even the unique scoop design was created with crappie fishing in mind.
  5. They Float. Hey if you accidently drop your net into the water it will float. That is a good thing!

Do you still need another reason why these nets are perfect for crappie fishing? How about these fishing nets are the official fishing nets of Crappie USA! They think that highly of these nets as well. We loved them so much they were on the top of our list of the best crappie fishing nets!

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Final Notes and Links of Interest

These EGO reach landing nets are amazing, and you can see why we would highly recommend them for crappie anglers. It was easy to rank them the best crappie fishing nets from EGO.

If you are someone who fishes for a lot of different species, I would encourage you to check out this list of other great EGO fishing net options.

EGO makes some high-quality fishing nets that you will love having in your boat!

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